Monday, March 21, 2011

My name is Janet and... I am a Dropout...

Slightly deceiving because I know traditionally this phrase is associated to a persons' education; I, however, am not using it in that sense.  It's about dropping out of the normal expectations that we set for ourselves and pursuing the things we are passionate about.  This is the philosophy behind a new urban clothing brand based out of Montreal, Dropout Clothing or DRPT CLOTHING.

On site at N'Focus studios for DRPT Clothing photo shoot.

Prepping the model: Miss L for the shoot

Ian Alfonso is the mastermind behind the line and very passionate about sharing his dream and perspective with everyone.  We have a lot of great conversations about pursuing our passions.  It's not an easy task but very rewarding when you see your work come to life.  Here's a peak at some of the shots I really love from this shoot.

Photographer: Ian Alfonso MUA: Janet Persaud

Photographer: Ian Alfonso MUA: Janet Persaud

Photographer: Ian Alfonso MUA: Janet Persaud

MTL: My Town Lives
For all you creative souls that need more encouragement or maybe convincing that it's ok to step away from the norm and pursue what you love, check out Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity | Video on  I think it's great food for thought and may be the push you need to make your own dreams a reality.

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  1. Hey pretty girl, I have a suggestion for an uncoming blog of yours. I think it would be nice to educate some ladies on sanitation issues and make-up. Like when and how to throw away make-up and clean their brushes. WHY? because so many underlying skin diseases arise from old/dirty make up products. I know your good with this stuff, so please do u and send me a request for ur blog on fb I don't see it.