Friday, April 1, 2011

L's Look

Sometimes the best looks are the simplest ones and that was the main concept behind Miss L's look for the DRPT Clothing shoot.  Considering she was modeling crew neck sweaters, I needed a look that was relax like the attire but sultry to add that sense of femininity to the package.

Model: Miss L  Photographer: Dory Chamoun of N'Focus Productions
Miss L's olive skin was kissed by the sun after her vaca, so I decided to amp up that gorgeous tan by sticking with tones a little darker then what she would normally used.  Your foundation does not have to match your skin (I know that sounds crazy but it's true).  You can achieve a tan effect by applying a shade or two darker than your actual colour. Kim Kardashian is a perfect example of someone who uses this trick, but you need to remember to spread the colour down to your neck or even as far down as your collar bone (depends on what you are wearing) and right to your hair line.

Model: Miss L  Photographer: Dory Chamoun of N'Focus Production
When it came to her eyes, I kept the lids relatively neutral except for the heavy liner on the water line.  It gives some of the intensity and sultriness of a smokey eye without looking over done.  I used MAC's Khol eye liner followed by a black eye shadow from Cover Girl Exact Eyelight.

What really seals the deal for this look is her bright red lips.  Not only does it help make your pearly whites even whiter, it shifts the focus back to your face where it belongs!  This is actually one of my favorite red lipsticks, but not everyone feels comfortable in it.  It can be a loud colour; so it really needs a bold, confident person to wear it.  She is wearing L'Oreal Beyonce's Red Infallible Lip Colour.  On a side note, Crimson is a great alternative to an amazing red pair of lips in case you want to try a softer, but just as beautiful colour.

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