Bride's Day

You've searched high and low for the perfect pieces; the right details to make you're big day that beautiful dream come true.  It is only fair that you have the same attention given to you on your wedding day.

My promise to you: I will always be honest; I will always listen, but most of all, I will always care.  This will be the most photographed day of your life and I take a lot of pride in making sure that you will be picture perfect every step of the way.

Want to know if I really can live up to what I say (or in this case writing hehe) try me out! Trials are always available and I give you 90 minutes so we can discuss skin care and needs, colors and your preferences. It does not end there, high-resolution photos for both before and after the makeup application are taken so you can evaluate the make-up from all angles.

Have any questions?  Ready to book a trial session?  Please feel free to EMAIL ME and expect a response within 48 hours.

I look forward to meeting you!!