Sunday, March 13, 2011

Modern Tribe

A couple of months have past since SynesthASIA; a Montreal charity fashion show, where I had the pleasure of using my makeup skills to help out.  This year all proceeds went to the Abhilasha Project, a non-profit organization focused on education to help change in India and throughout the developing world.  I finally received a few more pictures of my work, thanks to Sophie Tremblay, and wanted to share them with you lovely readers.
Model: Emmanuel Gilot  Photographer: Janet Persaud

The look, think modern tribal warrior. In terms of make up, it was an interesting experience.  I used both face paint and paint sticks from MAC that the other MUA for this scene had.  Since it was a fashion show and not a photo shoot, it was really important to make bold prints that were visible from far.

Photographer: Sophie Tremblay
Photographer: Sophie Tremblay
Photographer: Sophie Tremblay

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