Sunday, August 28, 2011

On the Right Track!

Initially I started writing a post about cleaning your makeup and brushes (I promise that will be my next post).  As I was looking for facts, I came across one of my binders that I tend to scribble in.  Let's just say this binder is a combination of ideas, plans, lists, randomness and sometimes my thoughts; which actually starts off with what I am afraid of but then (being the nerd that I am) I set goals to counteract them.

I was really surprised with this one list because I've managed to accomplish quite a few things off of it.. But what really makes me proud is that it was written on March 30th, the day I lost my 9 to 5 job.  I've said it before, it was a really scary moment in my life because I've ALWAYS had a job.  I think I felt every emotion possible in the span of 24 hours but I am glad that I went through what I did and even happier to document my determination.  So in true Janet fashion, I decided to share some of the things I wrote which will also give me the opportunity to thank some really incredible people =).

"I need a plan... I need help... I need to find people who will help me grow and lead me to where I am suppose to be"... I've met the most incredible people over the last few months but I've been fortunate to always have incredible support system (my mom, my best friends) and work with people who genuinely want the best for me.  First, Dory Chamoun of N'Focus Photography was the first professional photographer I worked with and he actually gave me the best advice that day when he heard the news.  To be honest, I kept his letter as a reminder that I am capable of anything I want to do.

Another person I owe a lot of thanks to is Isabella of Ella Photography!  Because of her I've worked on a lot of different projects, met so many people and now getting the opportunity to learn different aspects of the business. It's pretty awesome to have someone help get your name out there, which by the way was another thing on my list hehehe...

"Take gigs in Toronto" -  This was a lot of fun for me, because I had the opportunity to do what I really want to do in the long term, makeup for carnival!!!  I managed to book a couple of appointments (forgot to take pictures) and got a few last minute clients at the starting point of the route too!  The best feeling was their appreciation for my work, that really makes everything worth while.

I also gave myself a goal of booking 5 bridal clients by the end of August.  The number may seem low, but most people book their artist a year in advance.  Luckily for me, past clients were happy with their experience and referred me to a few brides.  In the end, I've actually managed to surpass my expectations but I couldn't have done it alone...

Although fear motivated me to write that list, it turned into something pretty positive.  There is sooo much power in fear; it can prevent you from experiencing new things or discovering your true potential but it can also be the fuel to your fire that pushes you to become a better person and really live up to your potential.

I am grateful for what has happened and that it has allowed me to really embrace this incredible journey.  It gave me an opportunity to reflect on how many awesome things have been accomplished in such a short period of time, but it also means I need to write a new list!!  Need new challenges and goals, maybe even set some long term ones.  I'm really curious to know what you guys do to stay on track with where you want to be! So please share =) someone else may learn from it, like me!!!


  1. Congrats on everything you have accomplished :) I don't really write anything down but I should. I started this 3 year journal last year, which lasted not even a month... :( And it's sad to say but I can't think of any goals that I have for myself... Besides get married, start a family... but those are events that will naturally happen... Ummm... you really got me thinking here ;)

  2. Thank you so much!! This journal idea sounds like a great idea but I think I wouldn't maintain it. I really do write these little list and then forget about them, but then end up finding them on the most random days. I am not good at thinking long term, so it's awesome that you have marriage and a family in your mind.