Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just the Blinging Facts.

When it comes to making a statement, trust me when I say that Lit Cosmetics is not afraid with their "No Glitter, No Glory" motto.  With four different cuts of glitter and effects, they have all your sparkling needs covered.

Photo from Lit Cosmetics Fan Page
I was super surprised and excited to come across this line.  Up until recently, I thought that Eye Kandy was the only solution to adding that extra bling to your look, without the mess.  Since I was wrong, I thought it would be a good idea to do a comparison of the two brands and see what makes Lit Cosmetics so fabulous!  Let's discuss!!!

Hands down, Lit Cosmetics has a larger range of glitter cuts, textures and colors.

The different sizes of glitter determine how much light is let in, influencing how much sparkle you get.  For instance, Lit Cosmetics' micro cut glitter, 0.002 x 0.002, lets in less light but keeps all the glam.  It gives a more sophisticated sparkle; think twinkle instead of bling.  This makes it a great option for during the day, the plain Jane or even more mature skin.  Then you have completely on the other side of the glittery spectrum a heavy cut, 0.016 x 0.016, which let's in the most light, giving the sparkle a life of it's own.  Since the range is more diversified with Lit's glitter, you have more versatility to create looks that you love.

In terms of texture, Eye Kandy's "Sugar" finish is similar to Lit's Shimmers..  However, you can only find Neon Shimmers or Electric glitter with Lit.  What's even more cool is that this glitter glows under a black light and you can easily bump up the intensity by applying a white base underneath it.

Enkore shows how Solar Blast, Lemon Tart, Pretty Hot Pink, and Green Machine GLOW under a mini black light.
With about 2.74 times the colors to choose from, Lit's color catalog simply can't be beat.  Also, it is well organized into different sections like Bronze - Brown, Dark Blues, Gold  or Green, making it simpler to compare similar tints or shades.

When it comes to the liquid solution used to keep the glitter in place, Lit Cosmetics is a clear winner.  It's hypo allergenic formula and natural ingredients make it easy to understand what exactly is going on your face.

Although Eye Kandy is a water base product too and it says that it is safe for sensitive skin, there is no clear description of what ingredients are used to make it.

If you solely look at the price, it's a different story.  To keep things constant, I am using the prices from Jem Beauty Supply so that everything is in Canadian dollars.


Eye Kandy does have a lower price point.  Also, you get a little more glitter when you purchase an Eye Kandy pot, 5grams vs 4grams with Lit, which works out to being Eye Kandy $1.65/g and Lit $3.24.  However, I find Lit's Kit has more value.  Eye Kandy's Kit includes: your choice of glitter, a mini brush, a 1oz bottle of their liquid sugar, all wrapped up in a pretty bag.  Lit's kit includes: your choice of glitter, two brushes, a 1oz bottle of their liquid base, a sparkle duster (which helps removes stray glitter), wrapped in a silk tote bag.  Also, the containers used to store the glitter are stackable, making it easier to store your glitter.

For the love of glitter =) Just a sample of Lit's Glitter Glory
So the facts are in and remember I am just one opinion =). So let me know what you think!


  1. no glitter no glory!!! i love LIT

  2. I love LIT! I'm a new and VERY satisfied customer! I wonder if you happen to know the amount of product you get from each company for the price. I was reluctant to order from LIT at first due to the cost, but when I received my order the jars appear to contain quite a bit more product than lesser priced ones I already had. I can't find any info on either the LIT or Eye Kandy site as to the weight per jar. Thanks!

  3. That's a great question Sara! I do not have the answer as yet, but I am working on it as we speak or should I say write... =)

  4. Hey Sara,

    I found the answer! Eye Kandy glitter pots are 5g and Lit is 4g. Thank you for the awesome question =)

  5. More value is always the best!
    Great review!!