Friday, December 16, 2011

Accessories for Boudoir

This post is going out to all the lovely ladies who are a part of the Boudoir Marathon with Ella Photography this weekend and for the ladies who plan on doing one in the future!  We often get a lot of questions on what to bring; which makes sense since it's not an everyday thing.  So here are a few ideas on how to accessories the unmentionables.

Start with the basics: jewelry, knee highs and pumps, these few items really help complete a set.  For instance, pearls or crystals accented with a ribbon are dainty pieces that add a touch of glamor to a bra and panty set or even a corset.  Also, don't be afraid to layer your jewelry, sometimes more is actually better!
Photo from Karla Snider

The great thing about knee highs and pumps is that you have the flexibility to play with texture, color and style with brings a new life to your lingerie.  Plus, you probably already own some kick ass shoes  that you love, so why not rock them??

The absolutely stunning Kimberly!
Old promo photo from the last Marathon, but you get the picture!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Secret is Out!

Do you know how hard it is to keep fabulous news to myself?? Luckily, Isabella of Ella Photography spilled the beans today (which means I'm in the clear to share hahaha).

This past summer, Isabella had an awesome idea for a bridal shoot.  She wanted to capture the beauty of our city and the elegance that only a bride can bring on their big day.  In order to pull off this idea, she decided to team-up with some pretty cool peeps.  Check out this line up:

Creative Direction: Isabella of Ella Photography and Natasha Rosa del Vecchio
Photography: Isabella of Ella Photography
Flowers: O.xide Design
Headpieces and Jewelry: Jennifer Laoun-Rubenstein
Makeup: Janet Persaud (aka Me hehe)
Hair: Malina Tang
Dresses: Melissa Gentile Couture
Models: Annie (Agency: Specs) and Sophie (Agency: Dulcedo)
Video: my 11:11 events

Soooo what's the big deal? We do shoots all the time right? Well, Isabella sent the photos to CHIC Magazine and they decided to do a 6 PAGE SPREAD which will be released in THIS JANUARY 2012 issue!!  Which is right around the corner people (woot! woot!).

Here's the thing, that's about all I can tell you lol.  However, you can take a sneak peak of some of the action caught on film by my 11:11 events. Enjoy!


Friday, December 2, 2011

30 Day Challenge!

So December is finally here and we only have 30 days left until a new year begins!! Are you excited? I am, but I'm always excited lol.  It's true, the little things in life keep me pumped and I want to share that excitement with you.  My latest victory is actually what sparked this idea and I hope everyone joins in so that we can end 2011 with a BANG.

In some ways, I feel like I have serious commitment issues.  I like trying new things, but normally have a hard time sticking to them (sound like any of you out there??).  For instance, working out.  I get the benefits and when I'm actually at the gym or playing some sort of sport, I love how I feel afterwards.  However, it was never enough for me to actually make it a part of my routine.  Until November 1st 2011, I decided to join the Moksha Challenge (insert eery music here).