Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Positively Stunning

What's really great about being a makeup artist is that I get to meet some incredible personalities.  Seriously, considering that I pretty much invade people's personal space and attack them with my brushes, it's amazing to hear what some people are willing to share.  Maybe it's more natural than I think since I have the opportunity to be a part of their transformation in front of the lens.  Anywho, check out MF and her beautiful transformation.

Photographer:  Ella Photography  MUA: Janet Persaud

MF simply has one of the best personalities I've ever met.  Extremely outgoing, positive, and oozes sensuality; which is what I wanted her look to exude. The trick to this is keeping the makeup light and soft so that the skin looks dewy and fresh.

Photographer:  Ella Photography  MUA: Janet Persaud
Start with a primer that suits your skin (notice a recurring trend??).  I used Cover Fx's  Skinprep which is a great solution for dry to normal skin.  Besides moisturizing the skin, it helps relieve some of the redness often found in this skin type.

I followed up with a light application of mineral liquid foundation to even out the skin and, coral cream blush on the apples of her cheeks to give that glow.

Next, avoid using an eyeshadow with glitter; stick to a light shimmer.  This helps attract more light to the eye area and makes them a focal point without the heavy makeup.

Photographer:  Ella Photography  MUA: Janet Persaud

With a personality as bright as MF's, there's no need to hide behind a lot of makeup to be beautiful.  By using the right tools, it's easy to accentuate what's already shinning.

For more tips on how to achieve a flawless face, remember to check back often or feel free to email me!  btw feel free to share, comment or even ask questions =)

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