Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brow Power

It's probably the thing that is most over looked on our face, but can make all the difference in our photos.  Our eyebrows not only help frame our face, it completes our look. While shape is really important, something as simple as filling them in or making them darker will help a lot too.  So this post is going out to those light weights, skimpy, sparse, and thinning brows, because we all deserve to be fearlessly fierce.

Bleached out brows are a thing of the past; start framing! Photo from: Makeup Artist Meet

Although I am not the focus in this shot, you still can see I am very guilty of having sparse brows near the bridge of my nose.  So what's the solution? Simple; I like to use a powder eyeshadow with an angle brush to fill in where it's needed.  Yes, it's that easy!  There are other tools you can use too.  For instance, an eyebrow pencil, cream eyeshadow or a even brow gel or tint.  I personally prefer powder because it gives a softer look and is really easy to work with.

Thanks to my younger years of over teasing, the inner part of my brows are sparse. Photo by Ella Photography

Here are a few tips to consider when filling in your brows.
  1. For dark brows, choose a color that is close to your natural color, not the same color.  This will help avoid it looking overtly thick and drawn in.  For example, I use a dark brown instead of black to fill in my brows.
  2. For lighter brows, choose a shade darker than your natural hair color.  For instance, in the photo below, Roxy naturally has blonde eyebrows.  However, I opted for a caramel brown to darken her brows, but it still gave a natural look.
  3. Use an angle brush, and short, light strokes to draw or go over your brow.
  4. After applying the color, brush over the brow to help blend the look.
  5. If you have a long day ahead of you or tend to sweat a lot, use a brow gel to lock in the color.
Glamour Shoot with Photographer: Ella Photography, Model: Roxy, and Mua: Me
Whether it's a temporary fix or a new "to do" to include into your makeup routine, this quick fix to your brows will definitely leave a lasting impression to your flawless face.

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