Saturday, March 3, 2012

O'So Lovely Glamour

So this week, I learned something new.  What our O'So Lovely team refers to as Boudoir is actually more Glamour.  Yes, the shoot in a bedroom and the ladies wear very beautiful garments, but it goes beyond that.  Isabella said it best, "I don't shoot bums, I shoot women".  Go ahead, I encourage you to compare her photos with the traditional photographers and you'll see difference; I think that's the only real way to understand it.

Photographer: Ella Photography, MUA: Janet

It goes beyond lingerie, because women are just naturally sensual beings.  Quite frankly, Ms.L even shows that a tank and a pair of socks can be just as sexy too.

Ms.L was one of the lovely ladies from the O'So Lovely Boudoir Marathon.
I think this is the reason why it's my favorite shoot to be a part of.  Not only do I get to help women feel their best, I get to see them really embrace their own beauty.

If you want to see more photos, head on over to Isabella's blog to see more! Also, if you like our work, why not show some love to our pages on Facebook?
MUA: Janet aka me hehe

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