Thursday, November 24, 2011


Ever wanted fuller, longer lashes or wanted to erase the effects of over tweezing?  Well this year at Toronto IMATS I stumbled upon a product, EyEnvy, that promises to do that exact thing! EyEnvy's unique formula is suppose to help practically double your lash length and help stimulate the regrowth of hair that is no longer there. So say goodbye to falsies and hello to a wink that will always get your way!

EyEnvy formula to fuller, longer lashes and badass brows!
Keep in mind that this is not an over night success, it will take about 6 to 8 weeks before you see results.  How it works is actually quite simple.  First step, shake the tube!  Next up, twist the cap off and remove the excess liquid on the inside of the container.  Finally, apply the clear liquid to the base of your lash line like you would with eyeliner or draw a line on the area of your brows that need it and that's it.  Pretty simple =) .

Remember that you do not have to reapply a dozen times in one day.  All you need is one line on the area; you're wasting product if you re-dip and reapply more than once on a day.  Also, you do this once everyday for 30 days.  Afterwards, it's all about maintenance; say about 3 times a week.  One tube of EyEnvy should last approximately 4 months, depending on how much of the solution you use.

Do you see the difference?? Leave a comment and let me know!
This was definitely a product I had to see for myself in real life and I am glad I had that opportunity too.  There was actually another booth that had a comparable product making the same claims BUT I did not like how their lashes looked.  Don't get me wrong, the competitor was oozing fabulousness from head to toe, however they were wearing mascara which made the lashes look clumpy, not so flattering.  At Beauty Distribution MD, this is the booth where I bought EyEnvy, the reps had no mascara on and they did not shade their brows either.  On top of that, they only used the product on one side of their face (talk about dedication!!) so that clients can see the difference between their natural state and with EyEnvy.  They tugged their lashes and ruffled their brows to show it really was ALL THEIRS.

Do you see what I see?
Here are a few key ingredients in EyEnvy's formula and their benefits.  BIO-Peptides helps rejuvenate and strengthen fragile lashes and brows.  Tocopheryl - Vitamin E contains natural antioxidants which protect hair and follicles from environmental damage.  Grape seed extract is a natural antioxidant that helps eliminates and prevent free radical damage.

Obviously, I had to buy it and try it out for myself and since I was with my mother, she wanted to try it too.  So in about a month or so, hopefully I will have some results to show you!

Down fault, it's only available in certain salons and I have not been able to find a site that sells it online =( . Maybe if you contact them directly, they'll make the exception and sell it to you directly.  Check out or to learn more.

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