Friday, October 7, 2011

Eye Want Kandy

Want a little more bling for your eyes but hate the glittery mess that it leaves behind?  Well here is an awesome solution for that extra glitz.  Eye Kandy, which is an eye and body glitter, uses a solution that keeps the sparkle in place; so less mess and more glam all day long.

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Yes, I am talking from experience =). I initially learned about this product last year at IMATS in Toronto and have been using it ever since then.  Also, I had the opportunity to do demos this year at the Esthetique Spa International trade show with Jem Beauty Supply, so I guess you can say I'm pretty comfortable with the product hehehe.

Liquid Sugar
So how does it work exactly?  First, it starts with the solution.  The liquid sugar is a water base sealer that will keep your glitter in place all day, so you do not have to worry about it flaking off and getting into your eyes or losing the art you created (remember you can use this anywhere on your body).  More importantly, you have less probabilities of having an allergic reaction because the solution isn't made with harsh chemicals, making it safe for sensitive skin or those who wear contact lens.  Best of all, it won't fade! Blink as much as you like, sweat as much as you like, dip your face into water if you please, but this will not come off until you use soap or a makeup remover.

Next up, color! Honestly, picking colors is probably the hardest part of the process because they have soooo many beautiful, vibrant choices!  With 85 colors and three different textures to choose from, your possibilities are limitless.  Keep in mind that all of the glitters or powders do not contain metal; it is made from polyester plastic or are pure pigments, making it safe for your eyes.

Eye Kandy Mineral Sprinkles
Minerals Sprinkles are a pure pigment powder. They provide a beautiful, powdery finish.  Some colors have a matte finish and others a more metallic feel.  It can be worn alone or can be used as a base for the other glitters.  There are 25 brilliant colors to choose from for this texture.  It's also a great solution for eye liner since it will not run down your face or fade away. 

Sometimes you just want a little more pop to your look and the Sugars are a great way to achieve it.  The Eye Kandy Sugars are available in 10 tints since they are not a solid color. This glitter's finish is a translucent, iridescent plastic grain with a hint of color. This effect is better for full surfaces like the eyelids instead of using it like an eyeliner since it has a softer finish than the other glitters.  My two favs are Marshmallow and Tangerine Twist! Trust me when I say you'll be smitten other these sugars.

If you really want spice things up, then what you need is one of the Glitters which is available in either superfine or fine.  Superfine (SF) glides on with the most ease when applying.  The grain size of this glitter is the smallest, so it does not offer as much sparkle and tends to be less dramatic.  It's great for a day or ‘office’  look and probably a better cut for mature skin.  Also, it works beautifully as an all over eye shadow, liner and lip shimmer. 

The second cut, Fine (F) is the largest grain which means it brings the bling. Because of the size of this glitter, .008 x .008. it picks up the most light.  This is a great cut for a bright, bold and fun look and really simple way to make a statement.

The last thing you will need is a brush, specifically a synthetic brush to apply this product.  There is a brush that comes in the kit, but you can always use your own too.  Natural hairs will absorb a lot of the solution, which sounds great but it really means you are using more than you need.  So if you want the liquid sugar to last longer, synthetic brushes all the way!!

I really love this product because the only limitation is your imagination.  I've used it to either amp up a natural look, as eyeliner, created accents for fantasy looks and even on henna designs.  It will last all day long and doesn't irritate your skin.  More importantly it's easy to use and you'll have a lot of fun with it too!

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