Friday, October 28, 2011

Be Cheeky

When it comes to getting your makeup done, a lot of focus is usually given to the eyes.  Refocus your attention to those lovely cheekbones and I promise you these tricks will make the boys blush.

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If you're a newbie to applying color to your cheeks, start with colors that look natural to the flushness your complexion would make.  Rose tones are great for pale skin; apricots tones are fabulous for medium complexion and muted brick reds for dark complexions.  Remember, this is just a guideline and a "safe bet" to help perfect an awesome glow.

Just like foundation, you need to pick the right formula for your blush.  A cream finish works best for dry to normal skin because it blends easier than other formulas and it helps give a more natural finish.  Plus, it gives some extra moisture to the skin so that way it doesn't end up looking chalky.  Go with a powder finish if your skin is more normal to oily and a gel works best for oily skins.

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To avoid looking blotchy, start with a base.  I feel like I write about this in 95% on my posts, but it's true.  A primer helps prep the skin for a flawless finish.  It helps make your makeup last longer and prevents it from cracking.  It doesn't mean that you need a full face of foundation first before you apply your blush, you can apply your blush directly on top of the primer.

Smile =).  When it comes to placement, for the most natural kiss of flushness, you need to see the apples of your cheek.  This is where you want the most color, but the whole apple doesn't need to be covered.  All you need to do is apply color on the part that lies directly below your pupil then blend back towards the ear.

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It's not only about a bashful flush face, blush can also help define your face and create cheekbones, even if you do not have any.  How? Simple, it's all about the angle you blend out towards.  If you want to thin out a round face, blend back towards the temples whereas towards your ears will fill it out (better for a thin face).  The definition comes from using a matter bronzer that is a shade or two darker than your skin tone.  Apply this color in the hollows of the cheek and blend, blend, blend! No harsh lines needed.

Layering is not just for your clothes, it's for your makeup too.  If you find that your blush fades away throughout the day, add a cream color first before your powder to keep your color all day long.  Dust a bit of translucent powder afterwards to help it set and so that it last.

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