Thursday, September 29, 2011

For the Love of Lashes!

This week I had the opportunity to work at the trade show Esthetique Spa International held at the Palais des Congrès with Jem Beauty Supply.  We were super busy doing demonstrations for two fabulous products which I will share with you this week; one of which is Red Cherry Lashes, Have you ever heard of them before? Well be sure to remember that name because it's a definite must have when it comes to falsies.

Picture from Colored Faces
You won't find these bad boys in store, in fact you'll have to order them online but they're worth every penny. These 100% natural human hair lashes can be compared to brands like MAC and are six times less in price. MAC lashes retail at $18+ whereas you can get a pair of Red Cherry's starting at $2.99 on sites like Jem Beauty Supply.  Keep in mind that right now there are shipping costs, which is $12.95, but I was informed that it will be free within a month. If you're in a hurry, buy a few lashes and you've already saved a tone of money.

As mentioned before, they are 100% human hair so they are a lot lighter than their synthetic counterparts.  It also makes it easier to blend into your natural lashes with the help of mascara and an eyelash curler.  It's important to always finish off with these two steps so that all your lashes are moving in the same direction.

Red Cherry Lashes are also the piece de resistance for all of the Kardashian ladies look too. They swear by these lashes because of the huge assortment to choose from; plus, they can find a style to match any of their mood.  So besides picking a style you love, you can also choose from different widths to match your eye shape; as well as how much volume you want and how long the lashes should be.

With 4 categories to chose from, I'll focus on the Natural to Glamor lashes since the other categories are more costume-like. This category has the largest selection since it varies between very subtle to dramatic for both top lids or lashes on the lower lids.  Because of it's versatility, Red Cherry Lashes add that extra wink to your everyday beauty or for your glamorous nights.  A few of my favs include lash #1, #43 and #213.

Red Cherry Lashes #01
The #01 are a great length with just the right amount of volume to accent your own natural eyelashes. Jem Beauty Supply even told me that these are their best seller, which is easy to understand why.

With it's full length, moderate volume lashes, it can work with all eye shapes.  So whether you have small eyes, large eyes, almond shaped eyes or deep-set eyes, the #01 are a great starting place to experiment with your style, especially if you never have worn lashes before.

Red Cherry Lashes #43
These lovely lashes are a full black set with gradual length, meaning shorter is the inner corner closes to your nose and gets longer towards the end.

I find the #43 more on the glamorous side because it is so rich in volume, but I am nutty enough to wear them all day because I already have long lashes.

These lashes are great for those who have large eyes (like myself), round eyes, almond shaped eyes (that's me again, now you understand why these are one of my favs lol) or deep-set eyes.

Red Cherry Lashes #213
The #213 are similar to #43 lashes. They are just as long and lush, however with a more subtle volume.  So this is a great alternative for a day look especially if you just want a little more oomph to your eyes.

Again, these lashes are great for large eyes, round eyes, almond shaped eyes and deep set eyes. Does that mean if you don't have this type of eye shape you cannot wear these lashes? No, it just means you'll have to trim the band to make sure it fits your eye properly. If you match that with a side of confidence, you'll have an incredible set of eyes.

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