Friday, September 2, 2011

Would You Jump in a Pond with a Full Face of Makeup On?

Well that's exactly what one of my bride's did on her WEDDING DAY!!  Seriously, I can't make this stuff up.  Check out her testimonial about her awesome day!

Andra Syvanen's Testimonial

"This past summer was a busy one for me: in addition to finishing off my thesis, I was also planning a wedding. Although we had a vision of a casual backyard affair, I was still interested in getting "gussied up" for the occasion. I mean, how often does a girl get married anyway?!

I was referred to Janet by a good friend who had worked with her on a few photo shoots. My friend is already incredibly photogenic, but when I saw how stunning Janet had made her look in the photos, I had a really good feeling about getting in touch with her.

Janet was very receptive and super friendly in all email correspondence. She seemed enthusiastic, and I got a really positive vibe from her right off the bat. She responded very well to my concerns and ideas and was so accommodating at every level. She even agreed to drive the 2 hours out to the wedding location so that my makeup could be done conveniently on location.

When she arrived with her lovely mom (they make a great team!) she was all smiles. Despite the craziness that was going on all around us, she made me feel cool, calm, and collected as she worked her magic. She also seemed excited, which was great!

As people came in the room to check up on the progress of my makeup and I saw their smiles and nods of approval, I had total confidence that Janet was doing an awesome job - this hunch would be confirmed when I finally got to take a look. It was amazing. She was able to take the vision that I had so inelegantly tried to explain and recreated it perfectly. 

When it came time to turn her attention to my mom, I was a little apprehensive: my mother can be a bit of a tough customer but I really wanted her to feel beautiful and confident. All my concerns melted away as I listened to the laughs coming out of the room. Janet and her mom put my mom right at ease, and she ended up leaving the room absolutely glowing.  We both got so many compliments on our makeup - that it looked really natural and professional and that it fit the occasion perfectly.

Now, as anyone who has ever gotten married can tell you, things will happen on your wedding day that you do not plan. Case in point, the spontaneous series of jumps into our pond taken by several members of the wedding party, myself and my husband included (I changed out of my wedding dress before taking the plunge, for all of you who are cringing right now). While my wedding hair was ruined, I emerged from the pond with completely intact makeup, which in my mind is further attestation of just how amazing Janet's work is. She truly made the day a special one, and I thank her for her professionalism and kindness throughout the whole process!"

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