Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Model in a Bottle is a MUST HAVE!

So you've spent some serious time getting dolled up for tonight's big event only to have your make up fade away into the dark as you dance the night away... We've all been there; trust me when I say it's happened to me one too many times!! However, do not fret my pet, there is a solution. Are you ready for it?! Well it's simple - Model in a Bottle, a make up setting spray with a matte finish that holds your work in place all day long.

Model in a Bottle Original Makeup Setting Spray - 2 oz [Health and Beauty]

It probably seems way too good to be true, but I've used it numerous times and decided tonight to put it through a serious test.  I recently joined a new yoga class, specifically Moksha yoga. which is practiced in a heated room.  Even without moving, the room is so hot your body just responds by sweating.  So just imagine how drenched you are after a 60min or 90min workout.  Now that you have that lovely image in your head lol, I thought this would be the perfect test for this finishing spray.

Prior to my class, I put a bit of makeup on; specifically concealer under and around my eyes, followed up with powder and a bit of eyeshadow.  I know it's not a lot of makeup, but I was going to workout and I was a little nervous about it melting down my face and running into my eyes; definitely no bueno.  Anywho, right after I finished my application of makeup, I followed up a few squirts of the spray and went to class. 

Sixty minutes later after an intense workout, I was shocked to see my face.  Nothing moved, nothing melted, nothing faded away.  I will say that the finish was not as smooth as the initial application, it seemed a little more chalky but I only saw that when I stuck my face a few centimeters away from the mirror.  Even when I splashed my face with water, my makeup stayed in place.

Tomorrow I think I may duplicate the experiment and take some before and after photos to show you how awesome this product really is.  This is a must have for anyone who wears makeup.  Even if you have sensitive skin, like I do, they have a softer formula so that it doesn't irritate your skin.   FYI that's the one I used for the experiment.  I've only seen the product online and that's how I bought mine.  Each bottle contains about 300 sprays per bottle so it will last for a long time.  Questions? Please ask away!!!

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