Friday, December 16, 2011

Accessories for Boudoir

This post is going out to all the lovely ladies who are a part of the Boudoir Marathon with Ella Photography this weekend and for the ladies who plan on doing one in the future!  We often get a lot of questions on what to bring; which makes sense since it's not an everyday thing.  So here are a few ideas on how to accessories the unmentionables.

Start with the basics: jewelry, knee highs and pumps, these few items really help complete a set.  For instance, pearls or crystals accented with a ribbon are dainty pieces that add a touch of glamor to a bra and panty set or even a corset.  Also, don't be afraid to layer your jewelry, sometimes more is actually better!
Photo from Karla Snider

The great thing about knee highs and pumps is that you have the flexibility to play with texture, color and style with brings a new life to your lingerie.  Plus, you probably already own some kick ass shoes  that you love, so why not rock them??

The absolutely stunning Kimberly!
Old promo photo from the last Marathon, but you get the picture!

Anything lace is fabulous too; so if you have a bolero, gloves, or even a mask - bring it.

Lace Bolero
This is probably one of my favs , the mesh on a headpiece, super sexy.

The fabulous Sheena!
Don't think you always have to wear a bra and panty set; you can always mix in some staple pieces to make a new statement.  A blazer. high waist skirt, even a white collar shirt adds sensuality.

Kim got her inspiration from Beyonce's video "Irreplaceable"
The gorgeous Caroline rocking her blazer.
So what else is there? Lots! You know those gloves you normally wear with an evening gown? Why not add that to a corset for an old Hollywood feel?  If you are more daring, and have these things on hand, tutus or feathers are pretty cool too.  It's a fun element for your photos and be strategically placed to cover what you want.  Truthfully speaking, you can wear anything your imagination can dream up.

Photo from CU2Nite
Most importantly, above everything else, the BEST accessory is confidence!  This is a day dedicated to you and your beauty, so celebrate it!

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