Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Share your Love Story Update!

So June was an extremely busy month, not only with photo shoots but with contests too!  I had an awesome opportunity to be a part of a MAJOR prize for one lucky couple.  No seriously, this contest was like hitting the jackpot for any newly engaged couple; check out the prizes!
  1. A 2-hour planning Consultation with Jaime at OVER THE TOP EVENTS 
  2. 100$ credit off Custom Wedding Invitations by Over the top Events* (she makes amazing Invitations!)
  3. Engagement session with Ella Photography 
  4. A planning Consultation by Coup de Fleur for their “Something Sweet” products. + 15% off their buffets and/or Bonbonieres.
  5. A planning Consultation with O.XIDE Floral art stylists + a FREE Bridal Bouquet when you use their services*
  6. Make-up on the day of the photo session + 25% off on the wedding day by Janet Persaud 
  7. Hair on the day of the photo session + 25% off on the wedding day by La Coupe Coiffure Cavendish Mall

Tomorrow, I finally get to meet the lucky couple and get to be apart of their engagement shoot.  The plan is to shoot in a vineyard outside of Montreal, hopefully the weather cooperates and allows us to shoot outside!  If not, we'll still shoot indoors but my goodness, it will be difficult to resist all that wine hehe!

On that note, enjoy Katherine Deypalubos's love story; you will be meeting her and hubby-to-be soon!

I have known my fiance since we were in high school. I remember one day when our science teacher announced that one of our classmates will be missing school for a very good reason: that classmate of ours was in Columbia representing Canada for the World Championship in Chess for 20 years old and under. I do admit that ever since that day, I have never looked at him the same way. Although we weren’t really friends in high school, partly due to the fact that we hung out with different crowds, I knew that this guy was special. I got to know him even more when I dated one of his really good friends for four years during college and university days. As a group, we played lots of sports and did tons of outdoor activities. My fiance was impressed with my basketball skills, and I loved the way he would smash in badminton. It was kinda sexy ;).
Our conversations could go on for hours. But because there was someone else in between, we could neither express or show our admiration for each other. The more it was suppressed, the more it got intense, so it had to be put to an end… at least that’s what we thought, but it was only put to rest for two years. Then we had an opportunity to hangout again right after we have both traveled and since we were both single at that point, we decided it was the right time to start dating. That was the beginning of the five year serious relationship that we currently have. It was a crazy relationship that we have been through. Many people who know us have seen our trials, and I’m certain that some would never think we’d make it here if they did not witness the progression of our lives together.
One day, as I was walking in a park to meet my brother, I saw a mascot dressed in Mickey Mouse giving away lollipops. The outgoing, smiley, and sweet person that I am, entertained the mascot for a while and took a lollipop and walked away. However, I noticed that Mickey Mouse started to follow me around and that he had a rose in his hand. When I stopped, he offered it to me, but I didn’t know if I should take it. I certainly thought it was some Just for laughs gag, until he took off the head of the costume and got down on his knees. He took out the ring and asked if I would do him the honor of marrying him. I was so shocked and surprised that I don’t even think I said yes so he had to ask twice. People at the park were clapping and cheering and many of them were taking pictures even if we did not know them. It was really amazing!
Why we should win this awesome prize: this is not your everyday love AND engagement story. Plus, we’re a very sweet and cute couple and you’d just love to shoot us and do our hair and make-up because we’ll cooperate very well with you. Thank you :)

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