Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Peak at Katherine & Eugen's Engagement Shoot

Montreal's weather has a reputation of being unreliable and considering the last few outdoor shoots planned with Isa of Ella Photography were postponed due to rain, we had to have a serious talk with Mother Nature.  Luckily for us, our shoot was actually two hours out of the city, in Sutton and negotiations were a success.  We had INCREDIBLE weather (the drive home was a different story, but hey! we weren't taking pics of that hehe). Imagine the excitement when we arrived at the beautiful Vignoble Chapelle Ste Agn├Ęs Vineyard and had nothing but blue skies and beautiful landscaping!

Now I nor Isa can take credit for this beautiful location.  Katherine and Eugen, the winners of "Share your Love Story" contest actually suggested it and honestly, it was worth the trip.  So prepare yourself for a few behind the scene photos of some of the action from today; breath taking view and a beautiful couple.

Isabella at work

Candid moment between the lovely couple

They look like pros ;)

Katherine is a soldier for standing on a rock in HEELS

This IS my favorite photo!

Talk about a close-up hehe

On to the next location

The pond is actually shaped like a heart

Eugen and Katherine

Something about this makes me think Tuscany

Now that's Love

On a side note, a big thank you to Katherine and Eugen for all their patience and awesome energy today!  Their day actually started at 9am with Felice from La Coup Salon in Cavendish Mall.  Yes, that is right =) this lovely couple was treated to a fresh new do before the shoot.

I also had the opportunity to do Katherine's makeup too.  Since she normally doesn't wear a lot of makeup (nor does she need too) the main objective was to create something soft and natural, which means a great foundation.  Easiest way to create that flawless base, start with a primer!  IT'S A MUST!! It helps the finish of your foundation settle into your skin a lot easier.  Also, for hotter temperatures, opt for cream based products for your blush and eyeshadow.  It sets better in the skin and won't run down your face if the heat becomes too hot to handle.

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