Friday, April 15, 2011

I'm Addicted to You...

Everyone has at least one thing they can't live without; that guilty pleasure that leaves you feening for your next fix.  For me it's my lip balm; more specifically Blistex.  I constantly find myself reapplying even when my lips do not need it but I just love the tingling sensation.  All you Blistex users know exactly what I am talking about! I am notorious for leaving my stuff anywhere I possibly can (and forgetting where I left it too); which has left me continually buying a replacement because I need it with me all the time...

The truth is, like most addictions, this is not a healthy one.. Instead of healing the skin on my puckers, it is actually slowing down the growth process of new skin cells.  In the end, as soon as the balm starts to wear off, the lips go back to feeling dry or even drier than they initially did; creating this really bad cycle, where urges to reapply will only be relieved by reaching for that little blue canister of relief. 

So what should I really be doing?! Well, according to Dr Oz, balms containing beeswax or lanolin lip balm are your best bet!  When applied, it helps condition your lips, relieving the dryness and the best part is your skin can actually breathe, allowing new cells to be generated.

Being more familiar with what beeswax, I decided to find out a bit more about lanolin.  It's oil that is extracted from sheep's wool after it was sheared and deeply cleaned.  Don't fret my pet, the oil is refined before used in balms, make up and skin creams.

So kiss those chapped, dry or even peeling lips goodbye with a few new fab finds that contain these fixes.

Image from Burt's Bees

Giving lip may not be such a bad thing anymore!  Available in six different tints that just make everything thing seem softer.  What's the secret?  Shea butter, which adds nourishing moisturizers to help reduce wrinkles and improve elasticity while protecting it against environmental aging.

Image from Lanolips
Where brains and beauty combine!  These five fierce shades of pure pigment are combined with Lanolips™ signature Medical Grade Lanolin and SPF 15.  Your lips will be thanking you each time you use this very rich combination of naturally glossy, non-sticky goodness.

Image from LUSH
For you chocoholics, consider this a treat that both you and your lips can agree on.  LUSH's Whipstick Lip Balm makes that sinful treat a guilt free fighting machine.  Rich aroma and fabulous taste are added benefits to this beeswax balm that works with other ingredients that keep your lips in fabulous shape. For others days you need a lighter feel, opt for either Honey Trap or Lip Service lip balm.

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