Friday, December 10, 2010

A Fierce Face...

Really starts with a solid foundation and I'm not referring to that stuff found in a bottle that's suppose to magically erase every flaw we perceive on our face. I really am speaking about our skin and a few simple steps that will make a major difference!

First things first - the basics! Increase your intake of water especially if you have big events coming around the corner. Skin needs to be hydrated and it's one of the easiest ways to rid your skin of toxins!

Next on the list, moisturize. Even if this is the ONLY thing you ever do besides drinking water, your skin will thank you for it; I swear! Especially now since it's colder outside (well at least in Montreal) your skin is not receiving the lovin' it needs. So take care of it and make sure whatever moisturizer you choose has some sort of a SPF in it too. Even if there's not a lot of sun out and about (again at least that is the case in Montreal...) you still want to protect it from any UVs lingering about.
Now let's talk make up! Do you reach over and automatically charge for your foundation? If you said yes, I am currently shaking my head disagreeing, with my hands out trying to stop you lol... Prep your skin with a primer. Why you ask? Simple... This smooth serum will actually help diminish the appearance of fine lines, make your make up easier to blend and help prolong the look; which means less touch ups for you.

So after you prime your face, now you can reach for your foundation OR better yet a concealer. If you're accustomed to wearing foundation daily, chances are you're trying to reduce redness, minimize the appearance of bags under your eyes or even cover up stuff you're not happy with (I've been there, so I can relate). Just remember that these challenges do not effect your full face, they just take up a proportion hence why I opt for a concealer instead. For instance the bags under my eyes, have their own bags lol... I understand it can be hereditary but i believe all those sleepless nights during my college and university days may be more of a reason, but I digress. So I use this fabulous medium tone concealer from Cover FX (they're AMAZING) just right under my eyes and bled outwards and a little bit towards my eye so that there is no appearance of a start or finish line.

On a side note, another great tool that I love to use is Stila's One Step Correct. Sometimes I opt for this instead of a basic primer since it acts as a primer, color corrector, brightener and anti-aging serum in one shot! Plus, you don't even need to use a lot in order to cover your whole face.

So last but not least, translucent powder. Do you have a confused look on your face? It's OK, I did too when I first heard this trick; so I will explain. Translucent powder essentially helps set any make up on your face. Foundations and concealers tend to break down as the day passes because of sweat and the natural oils our body creates. Soooo by finishing your look off with some translucent powder, which by the way will not impact or distort the colors you opt to use, it absorbs the junk and keeps your face looking flawless a lot longer than usual.

A lot of make up doesn't guarantee an amazing look. Just use what you need and smile; real beauty can never be denied =)


  1. Good job bella!!! Love the spot! I will most definitely be following you along this incredible journey. Keep up the good work :) So happy I'm the first one to comment!!!

  2. Thank you sooo much Max! I truly appreciate the encouragement =)


  3. Primer! See that's what I need to try :) Love ur blog J! I'll be in town soon, I'd love to be you guinea pig =D

  4. I always need models Sathya so be sure to schedule a date for me!! And try out cover fx 'clearprep fx' I think that will be awesome for your skin =)