Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bombshell Beauty!

Now that Valentine's day is out of the way and Isabella of Ella Photography officially released some of the pics from the Boudoir Shoot, I can officially share a few tricks with you lovely people!!

Photos by  Ella Photography

Since Kim has amazing skin, the main goal became ensuring her face did not look lifeless or washed out in her shots.  So it was really more about prepping her face for all the lights; camera; action! Believe it or not, it's a workout being a model hehe...  I started her look off with Stilla's One Step Correct - a skin tone correcting, brightening serum.  What I love about this? It's fast and simple to use; also has the benefits of about four products in one! Seriously, this light weight serum acts like a primer so it helps blend and set your make up better AND combines three colour correcting elements which help minimize redness, counteract sallow undertones as well as brightens your skin. Traditionally, you would have to use three different types of coloured concealers to achieve the same effect and sometimes that can leave your skin feeling/looking cakey, but because this is a serum, it's light, uber malleable and just disappears into your skin.

I followed up with concealer and translucent powder from Cover Fx. When it comes to skin, they really understand it and have a huge assortment of products and colours that cater to all skin types. Side note- here's a little trick, use a lighter tint of concealer under your eyes instead of matching it to your skin colour. This helps brighten those bags and leave you looking more rested.

Photo by Ella Photography

Since there was a few wardrobe changes, it was important for me to use colours that were versatille enough to work with any outfit yet alluring to add to the sensuality that Kim brought to this shoot. I opted for smokey chocolate lids that smoldered around her eyes. To achieve this look, it's all about layering and a lot of it.  It all starts with a solid base. I used two metallic cream eyeliners from Smashbox; Onyx on the lid and Bronze in the crease. I followed up with a chocolate brown from my Inglot palette and blend, blend, blend. Finish up with eyeliner and a lot of mascara, which helps build that intensity around the eye, and you get a lovely set of bedroom eyes.
Photos by Ella Photography

Make sure to swing by Ella Photography to see more of the finished results. The photos are incredible and Kim looks absolutely stunning.

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